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This is a place dedicated to a few specific breeds of the man’s best friend – Dogo Canario, Dogo Argentino and Dogue de Bordeaux. Find all the information about these gentle and adorable animals and enjoy their photos and videos that are added daily.

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Welcome to Dogo Land!

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Our website is still in its trial phase and in order to provide the most satisfactory experience to our users, we intend to include a forum and mobile apps where you can showcase your pets, engage in competitions and much more! We at dogoland.com hope to become a part of your world so that we can share our mutual love for these wonderful creatures.

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Asa Djordjoni

Dogo Canario – Female

Carman Djordjoni

Dogo Canario – Female

Aron Jr Djordjoni

Dogo Canario – Male

Pablo Djordjoni

Dogo Canario – Male

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Dogo Canario

Originating from Canary Islands, Dogo Canario was initially used as a cattle herder and
protector against wild animals. This large, muscular dog is extremely territorial and suspicious of
strangers, so you can entrust it with guarding the safety of your family and property without a
second thought. At the same time, Dogo easily grows fond of everyone it is supposed to protect.
It doesn’t need much grooming, but it does need space to breathe and spend its excess energy!
Excellent guard dog!

Dogo Argentino

This friendly, intelligent and powerful dog has been bred thoroughout the 20th century, with
now-extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog as the basis of the breed. Dogo Argentino needs proper
training and attention, but it will reward you with loyalty and affection few other dog breeds can
match. Don’t expect this dog to be idle for too long; it loves to move, and it loves to chew, so
make sure you provide endurable toys for this puprose. A reliable and watchful family dog!

Dogue de Bordeaux

This breed has been known for more than six centuries and its origins are still a matter of debate. Described as fearless and watchful of strangers on one hand and quiet and mild-tempered on the other, Dogue de Bordeaux will become your faithful and reliable companion if provided with consistent but mild training. Unlike other two breeds, which generally prefer open spaces, Dogue does not mind staying indoors as long as it gets enough exercise. A very
confident and even-tempered dog!

What Drives Us

Our Mission

In short, we aim to create a perfect hangout place for dog lovers in general and for fans of Dogo (Presa) Canario / Argentino and Dogue de Bordeaux in particular. We still have a long way to go to achieve what is our vision, but we promise to work hard on creating new blog posts and other content as well. We will try to present a new dog each week by adding its profile to Our dogs page.
We also plan to create a mobile app and to establish a forum and a youtube channel. If you have any suggestions or would like to support our work in any way, please send us an email on contact@dogoland.com

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Interesting facts

Interesting facts

It is common knowledge that Dogos originate from the Canary Islands, but a little less known fact is that the ancestors of these dogs were kept by ancient Romans and even participated in battles alongside them. Want to have a happy Presa around? It’s easy!...

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