Here on, we aim to become a hangout for all the fans of Dogo Canario, Dogo Argentino and Dogue de Bordeaux. We will try to present various information not only about the breeds itself, but also about individual dogs, kennels and international competitions; we’ll post all the latest news from this field, so you won’t miss a thing!

We are pleased to mention that we cooperate with many breeders and contributors to famous dog magazines. Of course, we also regularly attend a number of dog shows. So what made us such big lovers of these amazing breeds in the first place? Honestly, it’s hard to tell – to us, it appears as if it’s always a different trait thereof every time we think about it. And all of you who have had one of these animals for a while know what we’re talking about, right?

Our goal is to create a community of Dogo and Dogue fans who will be able to easily share photos and videos of their pets in competitions and everyday situations. (Did we strike you as some utterly somber people? Well nothing could be further from the truth, so make sure you also show us those funny videos and pics of your canine companions and let us all have a good laugh!)

We also prepare custom-made tutorials for training of these fantastic animals and numerous video clips on how to improve their oveall health. You are bound to find tons of useful information there! Very soon, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and opinions at our forum; please do so freely, as we can’t wait to read about all the little things that make your dogs remarkable! We just love them so much!

As good manners dictate, we saved the best for last. Prize games! Our plan is to reward our most faithful visitors as often as possible! We would hate to go into much detail just yet ’cause much of it depends on the agreements with our sponsors that are still to be finalized. Either way, we hereby make a solemn promise to do our best to make informative, useful and thoroughly enjoyable!