Asa Djordjoni and Bisquit Asa is a beautiful female, fawn colored and with very mild temper, born on the 10th of March, 2014. She is an excellent guard dog and very children friendly. As a guard dog, she can sense even the slightest sounds (someone touching a door handle for example) from very far away. From time to time she likes to act like she is human, sitting on a chairs next to its owners while they talk with their friends and drink coffee.

Most of all she likes to eat, on the image on the left you can see her going for a bisquit, even though it is placed slightly out of her reach, she manages to get it eventually 🙂 .

She comes to us from well known Djordjoni Kennel.

Asa adores sun bathing, and has her own chair set in the part of the garden where there is the most sunlight, as you can see on images below:

She likes other dogs as well (mostly the males), but has especially good relations with Bulmasstifs, after all, her best friend whose name is Balu is one of the friendliest dogs there is, even though one may find his overall size very intimidating.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about this awesome dog, and i hope you like the images. If so, here are few additional ones: