It is common knowledge that Dogos originate from the Canary Islands, but a little less known fact is that the ancestors of these dogs were kept by ancient Romans and even participated in battles alongside them. Want to have a happy Presa around? It’s easy! Just exercise it at least one hour a day!

Unlike some other breeds, Presa does not respond well to attempts at breaking its will during training. Firmness is the key here, not force. You don’t need to teach Dogo to guard and protect. It comes with these accessories already embedded in its blood and psyche.

As much as this breed got its name after the islands of its origin, the Spanish name of the archipelago itself is most likely derived from the Latin phrase Canariae Insulae, meaning “The Islands of the Dogs”.

In 1970s, only twenty years before it was recognised as a breed, Presa Canario was on the verge of extinction. Luckily, some good people thought it was worth saving and reconstructed the breed.

As a breed, Presa Canario was developed from Mastiff. Although they are still very similar, it is easy to distinguish members of these two breeds because Mastiffs are a lot bigger.

For more interesting information about these lovely animals, check out the video below: